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What can a Practice Caddie do for your practice facility?

How many times have you heard a golfer on your practice tee ask, "How far it is to the red flag"?

Now, there is a simple tool to "Know Your Distance" called the "Practice Caddie".

With the Practice Caddie, golfers are shown accurate distances from their particular teeing area to every target. This removes the guesswork and improves the quality of practice time for golfers. In addition to being a valuable tool for players, as well as, a great teaching aid for the teaching professional, it also can provide a revenue stream for golf courses.The Practice Caddie’s panel design includes designated areas for outside sponsorships and branding opportunities for the facility.

The Practice Caddie was developed by Built Fore Golf, based in Mobile, Alabama. Built Fore Golf creates innovative products to enhance enjoyment and build the game of golf.